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My name is Roy Cañete. I'm the owner of the blog site "MLM & Home Business Solutions for Aspiring Online Entrepreneurs". 

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If you are looking for more information on how to start a Multilevel Marketing (MLM) or Home-based Business and want to learn the secrets on how to build a successful one, then you are at the right place. In this blog I will share with you some of the strategies that I'm personally using to successfully start and build my current Home-based MLM Business that earns me a passive income in my spare time. Can you imagine finally achieving financial independence and time freedom for you and your family? But before anything else, I want you to get to know a little bit about me first.

Who is Roy Cañete?
I am an engineer by profession and an entrepreneur by passion. I reside in the beautiful island of Cebu, Philippines with my lovely wife, Michelle and our two adorable kids, one girl named “Midge” and one boy named “Robi”. I'm in my mid 30′s and is enjoying life to the fullest.

I am currently working as a senior engineer in an electrical transmission company but is also having additional income sources through my online businesses. I always focus on the things that I want because I believe that we all have the power to create our own reality. I have big dreams in life and I am committed to achieve them all. My long-term goal is to have total time freedom and financial independence. In return, I also want to touch a lot of people’s lives so that they will be able to live a life full of abundant blessings.

My Motto...
I have many motto in life but my most favorite is this: 
“In everything you do, always put God first!”

This is my Story...
Last 1998, I was introduced by a close friend of mine to the world of Network Marketing or Networking or MLM or whatever you call it. Just like what most newbies experienced, I was also "blindly" invited to attend these so called seminars or trainings. In short, I was "kidnapped" so that I will be forced to listen to what the seminar is all about. Honestly, I don't have much regret for what happened because it's actually where my eyes were opened to the wonderful industry of Multilevel Marketing. Since that day I get addicted to MLM and have done whatever I'm told to do in order to succeed. I wasted a lot of my time and money (I even have lots of debts from my aunt and uncle during those times) but in the end I failed. So I decided to join another company... and another... and another... and another, but to no avail I still did not succeed.

One day, an idea occurred in my mind. What if I do MLM using the Internet? So I did...  I started to love being on the internet as often as I can and in fact, I have been online since year 2002. Although, I still wasn’t that successful in my business endeavors until the year 2012. So you see, even with my previous MLM experience offline, when I was just starting out in this new line of business, I struggled and don't know what to do to become successful. Offline and online MLM, although similar in nature, have also some differences. 

The Solution...
It was only when I started pursuing to gain more knowledge about MLM and the online world that I am able to start growing my connections as well as my online income. I begun to look for books with such subjects  and also for known mentors in these particular fields. Then I set about an hour or two per day to learn something from these books and mentors.

My passion is to help as many people as I can to become successful in their lives and guide them on how to do it in order to achieve great results. I started to realize that my core gift is connected with the worldwide web. thus I decided to continue learning with the “ins and outs” of the internet as much as possible and I will never stop searching for useful information because I also believe that “education is a continuing process”

It is now clear to me that the reason why I failed on my offline businesses before is that it was not align with my core gift. I also failed at first when I started in some online businesses because I did not have enough knowledge to run it the proper way. Now, I've learned from experience that I have to align my passion with my core gift. In order to do that, I use the power of the internet where I'm good at so that I'll be able to pursue my passion of helping people like you to also become successful and live the life that you have been dreaming of.

To my beloved readers...
I do hope that you will enjoy visiting my personal website and that you will be able to gain more knowledge with the various information I will be adding here. Whatever you learn in this site, make sure to apply it and take immediate actions. Bear in mind that "knowledge alone" is not power. Wisdom is the real power! It is define as “knowledge in action”.

So if you are ready to find out how to make money online and learn to start building your internet empire, go ahead and grab your copy of the FREE eBook: Internet Marketing From A-Z. Simply register your Name and Email to the form that you will find on the top right side of this blog, then click on the button that says "DOWNLOAD NOW".

Remember this: What our mind can conceive, we can achieve and our inner reality creates our outer reality!!! I firmly believe that we all have the power from within us to truly become a success and with God, everything is possible!!!

So have fun and be happy always!!!

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Roy Cañete